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[headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered color=”#900000″]2 Full Speaking/Presenting PLR Programs You Can Sell as Your Own (Plus 2 Bonus Reports)[/headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered]

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[text_bar_1 background=”#444444″ + width=”92%”]PART 1 – Public Speaking Tips Full PLR Product (Sell As Your Own)[/text_bar_1]

[text_bar_1 background=”#444444″ + width=”92%”]PART 2 – Presentation Powerhouse PLR Product Includes Audio and Video[/text_bar_1]

[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#000000″]6-Part Presentation Skills Video Series (~30 minutes of video)[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

6 high quality Presentation Skills videos in mp4 format. Watch the sample…

[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#000000″]6-Part Presentation Skills Audiobook (~30 minutes of audio)[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

6 high quality Presentation Skills mp3s. Listen to the sample…

Titles Include…

  • Presentation Skills Introduction – Duration: 3:50
  • Presenter Benefits – Duration: 6:53
  • Presenter Content – Duration: 5:05
  • YOU As A Presenter – Duration: 6:52
  • Getting Paid To Speak – Duration: 3:10
  • Inspirational Speeches – Duration: 9:53

[text_bar_1 background=”#444444″ + width=”92%”]PART 3 – 2 Full Research Reports On Speaking[/text_bar_1]

Two full research reports (Public Speaking & Presentation Skills) full of 100s of links to the best youtube videos, forum posts, blog posts and paid products/services. Also includes keyword research.


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Summary Of Part 1 – Public Speaking Handbook

  • 29 Page Public Speaking Handbook
  • 10 Related 400-Word Articles
  • A Mini Report that Compliments the Main Guide
  • A Checklist That Summarizes the Main Lessons & Exercises
  • A Trainers Slide Deck Perfect for Live Presentations
  • A 974px x 3500px Infographic that Showcases Public Speaking Stats
  • 30 Quote Posters Related to topic (PSDs included)
  • A Post Sales Autoresponder

Summary Of Part 2 – Presentation Skills

  • 37 Page Presentation Skills eBook
  • Related Mini Report That Shares Secrets of Public Speaking
  • Complete MiniSite That Inlcudes Pre-Written Sales Copy
  • Full MiniSite Graphics (testimonial box, opt-in box, download button)
  • Five 3D eCovers (editable flat source images included)
  • Five Banner Ads (editable PSDs included)
  • A Related “Fear of Public Speaking” Infographic
  • A Month’s Worth of Pre-Written Tweets
  • A 7-Part AutoResponder
  • 6-Part Presentation Skills Video Series (~30 mins of video)
  • 6-Part Presentation Skills Audio Series (~30 mins of audio)

Summary Of Part 3 – 2 Full Research Reports on Speaking

  • A “Public Speaking” Research Report Including Keyword Research & Links to Blog Posts, YouTube Videos, Forum Posts & Paid Products/Services”
  • A “Presentation Skills” Research Report Including Keyword Research & Links to Blog Posts, YouTube Videos, Forum Posts & Paid Products/Services”


100 Speaker Tips PLR UPGRADE


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