Creating A Value Machine

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In the video above….

I walk you through the “machine” that we have been building over the past 5 years. The machine I am referring to is our PLR production system that drives the content releases at Tools For Motivation and Best Quality PLR.

When we built our first PLR product back in 2010, we really knew next to nothing about selling content. We had *some* experience with content creation. BUT… we saw a huge need for PLR products based on our experience dealing with other entrepreneurs.

We started building products manually (writing, editing, creating video) and did that over and over and over again. Eventually we realized that there would be little to no growth of the business if we continued to do all of the steps ourselves.

Over time, we started outsourcing work.

But just outsourcing random tasks is not enough. If you REALLY want to reap the rewards of outsourced resources… these people must work within a larger system or “machine”.

This is a fairly lengthy video but it will give you an insiders look at how we have evolved our content creation MACHINE at Tools For Motivation and Best Quality PLR.

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Business Systemization For Control Freaks…

(Click Here To Download The PDF Report)

Right Click–> Save As To Download An MP3 Version Of This

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[text_bar_1 background=”#444444″ + width=”92%”]BONUS CONTENT PART 2 – A Product Creation System Example[/text_bar_1]

Check out this live demo example of how one of our larger Self Help products was assembled for our Tools For Motivation catalog. The following video and diagram show a breakdown of how 100 Power Tips For Speakers, Trainers and Presenters was built…


See The Full Diagram Of This System In A PDF Download:


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