Daily Success Rituals 4 Volume Pre-Sale Working Copy

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On Friday February 19, 2016…

we are launching Week 1 of a 4 Volume PLR series called “Daily Success Rituals“. This will be premium video/audio/presentation PLR content that will be available for sale in our main PLR store at $77 per volume.

The next 3 parts of the series will be released weekly for a total of 4 weeks.

On this pre-sale page, you can get access to ALL 4 VOLUMES for a single price… less than the retail price of 1!

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  • Pre-Order today and get ALL 4 VOLUMES for a 1 time payment of $57
  • (This represents a savings of $251 when each bundle goes in our store at $77 each)
  • Volume 1 will be delivered instantly when you order today
  • Subsequent volumes will be released once per week for 3 additional weeks for a total of 4


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  • Week 1: Daily Foundation – Available For Instant Download
  • Week 2: Explosive Start – Emailed to you on Feb.26, 2016
  • Week 3: Energy Maintenance – Emailed to you on Mar.4, 2016
  • Week 4: Recharge And Review – Emailed to you on Mar.11, 2016


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  • Video Lesson: Editable video mp4 format
  • Audio Lesson: Editable audio mp3 format
  • Full Formatted Transcribe: Full text from video/audio
  • Mind Map: Editable .mm format (also PDF)
  • Slide Deck: Editable slides in ppt,key format
  • eCovers: Pre-Made 3D covers with psd source graphics


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[text_bar_1 background=”#444444″ + width=”92%”]Summary Of Week 1 – Daily Foundation[/text_bar_1]

Video Training

Personal Success Rituals – DAILY FOUNDATION is a 30+ minute video training session.

It is designed to teach people how setup a daily foundation success rituals that will prime the reader’s mindset for success on a daily basis.

It includes five 3D eCovers with editable flat images included.

It Includes 6 Main Sections:

  • Foundation Defined
  • Personal Success Journal
  • Daily Gratitude Exercise
  • Establishing Mindset
  • Implementing Mantras
  • Review Long Term Goals
  • Daily Goals and Objectives

Audio Training

The same personal success training program delivered an AUDIOBOOK format.  The audio is provided in the following format: .mp3


Formatted Transcript – 7000 words

The entire Daily Foundation training program transcribed into a formatted report. It has been formatted to read more like a book/report rather than a verbatim transcribe of the video/audio program.  Provided in the following formats: .docx


Daily Foundation Mind Map

The entire Daily Foundation training program summarized into Mind Map format. The mind map provides a single-view summary of the key lessons from the DAILY FOUNDATION training program.  Provided in the following formats: .mm | .html | .pdf


Trainer Slide Deck

The entire Daily Foundation training program broken down into Slide Deck Format. These are the same slides used in the video training program allowing you to easily recreate your own training video.  Provided in the following formats: .ppt | .key


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Each volume can be packaged as a stand alone personal development program OR you can bundle all 4 together to build an online course or home study program.

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Order All 4 Parts For Less Than The Price Of 1…


Public Price: $308
Pre-Sale Price: $57

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Thank You,
Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
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Phone: 519.278.1390
Skype: justinp15


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