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Attention Online Business Owner…

If you have clients or subscribers who come to you for advice, coaching, consulting or counseling then I would like you to take a close look at the information we have put together on this page.

Whether you are helping your customers make improvements in their personal life or their professional life, one of the most common roadblocks is FEAR.

People are afraid to try new things,
Afraid to escape their comfort zones
Sometimes afraid to ask for the help they so desperately need!

FACING FEAR and learning how to work through it is one of the most important skills anyone can learn.

With our FACING FEAR content package, we are giving you a solid baseline of course material, tips, email follow ups and marketing material – All Fully Customizable – so you can create your own products and trainings that help your clients deal with FEAR once and for all…

Here’s A Video Explanation Answering Some Questions/Objections…

Here’s A Video Overview Of The Package…

Here Are The Details Of This Massive Content Package…


Facing Your Fears Book Sample

Facing Fear-sampl-pdf.pdf

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FEAR – The Four Letter Word Book Sample

Four Letter Word-sampl-pdfFour Letter Word-sampl-pdf

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Facing – Fear – Sample1 by Justin Popovic


Facing – Fear – Sample2 by Justin Popovic

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Sample Trainer Slide Deck

Facing Fear slide-sampl-pdfFacing Fear slide-sampl-pdf
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Each poster has been custom designed by our team with original artwork.
No stock photos or other non transferable images have been used

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Sample Promotional Video

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[YES] Can claim full authorship

[NO] Can be used for opt-in bonuses (newsletter signups, etc.)
– with the exception of:
– Quick Tips Guides
– Posters[/two_columns_1] [two_columns_2][NO] Can publish as free web content (i.e. blog posts, etc..)
– with the exception of:
– Quick Tips Guides
– Posters
– Fear Video files

[NO] Can Sell resell rights
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Facing Your Fears

Thank You,
Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
Tools For Motivation/Best Quality PLR – Contact Us Here


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