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For This Weekend Only…

Take advantage of a VERY short offer to grab 3 of our latest Relationship Skills Self Help PLR Content Bundles. This is basically a one-time opportunity to get access to over 150 pieces of unique, high quality, self improvement PLR content.


At, we specialize in developing high quality white label content in the personal development niche. Our content bundles cover the most popular topics in the personal growth arena. You simply download the material and it is ready for you to customize, repurpose and publish ANYWHERE you want!

Each content bundle we produce consists of the following…

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  • Ten 400+ word articles about a specific self help topic
  • 2 formatted reports each using 5 articles from above
  • Ten high quality audio recordings of each article
  • 30 custom built, editable quote posters (PSD format) – ALL artwork custom designed by our team
  • These bundles CANNOT be purchased individually. They are only available to our premium monthly members… except for this weekend!


Now, you can take the traditional approach and use these bundles as-is. For example, you could take the articles and publish them to a blog or article directory. You can take the audio files and upload to Soundcloud or use in a podcast.

HOWEVER… the real power of these content bundles comes in how you WORK WITH THE CONTENT.

With just a little bit of creativity, you can reformat/repurpose this content into TOTALLY UNIQUE CREATIONS of your own. Here is a short video I recently created that shows a few creative examples of the power of repurposing…

Let’s Take A Look At Each Of The 3 Bundles…

With this weekend special, you can get access to 3 full content bundles, Retail Value Of $141 (we sell similar marketing bundles for $47 per package), and have a huge base of brand new high quality content for your upcoming projects.


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ALSO… Check Out This Custom Report I Built Using 1 Of The Articles From This Package Combined With A Pages Document Template –> Click Here For Sample Mini Report

[text_bar_1 background=”#444444″ + width=”92%”]Weekend Special Bonus…[/text_bar_1]

3 FULL research reports covering topics related to helping people improve relationship skills: Assertiveness, Self Esteem, Stress Management. These done-for-you PLR research reports include…

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  • Extensive keyword research
  • A list of 100 blog posts that teach/explain/discuss the topic
  • A list of forum posts that teach/explain/discuss the topic
  • A list of 50 Youtube videos that teach/explain/discuss the topic
  • A list of 30 Paid Products that teach/explain/discuss the topic


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Summary Of What’s Included In the Relationship Skills Self Help PLR Content Bundles

Being A Good Listener PLR Content Bundle

      • 10 “Being A Good Listener” Articles (400+ words) and 10 audio mp3 on the following topics:
      • Article 1: Are You Really Listening?
      • Article 2: Do You Talk Before You Think?
      • Article 3: Improve Your Communication Skills
      • Article 4: Listening In Your Relationship
      • Article 5: Listening To Your Family
      • Article 6: Steps to Avoid Whilst Listening
      • Article 7: The Benefits to Being a Good Listener
      • Article 8: Three Types of Listening
      • Article 9: Top Five Traits of a Good Listener
      • Article 10: What Makes a Person a Good Listener?
      • Two Mini Reports ready for Branding
      • Thirty “Good Listening” Posters with editable PSDs included

Building Trust Bundle

      • 10 “Building Trust” Articles (400+ words) and 10 audio mp3 on the following topics:
      • Article 1: Building Trust In A Relationship
      • Article 2: Building Trust With Your Child
      • Article 3: Do Your Customers Trust You?
      • Article 4: Easy Ways to Build Trust
      • Article 5: How to Earn Trust?
      • Article 6: The Foundations of Trust
      • Article 7: The Importance of Building Trust At Work
      • Article 8: The Power of Trust and Love
      • Article 9: Stories and Reviews to Build Trust in Your Business
      • Article 10: What is Trust?
      • Two Mini Reports ready for Branding
      • Thirty “Building Trust Quotes” Posters with editable PSDs included

Family Life Content Bundle

      • 10 “Family Life” Articles (400+ words) and 10 audio mp3 on the following topics:
      • Article 1: Celebrate Your Family
      • Article 2: Family Comes First
      • Article 3: Family Communication
      • Article 4: Fitness Fun with Your Family
      • Article 5: How to Raise a Happy Family
      • Article 6: Living a Good Marriage
      • Article 7: Nurturing Your Family
      • Article 8: Top Tips for Building A Good Family Life
      • Article 9: Unwinding With Your Family
      • Article 10: What Makes A Family Happy?
      • Two Mini Reports ready for Branding
      • Thirty “Family Life” Posters with editable PSDs included


      • 30 400+ word articles
      • 6 Mini Reports ready for Branding
      • 30 Audio Articles: in MP3 formats
      • 90 Quote Posters with editable PSDs included


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Thank You,
Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
Cell: 519-278-1390
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