Self Help Membership New Year 2016

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New Year Special Offer[/headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered][headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Opens Wednesday Dec.30,2015 – Jan.4, 2016[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

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Private Coupon: tfm-mbr67

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The following email is what I sent out to my list to open the deal…

Subject: Self Help PLR membership special offer


I’ve alluded to this a couple of times and we are now officially
ready to go. From now until January 4, 2016, we have a very
special offer available for our Self Help PLR membership at
Tools For Motivation.

I created a short but important video overview of this deal along
with a summary of how you can join our membership and lock
in at a discounted monthly rate.

See the video overview and full summary here [[[AFFILIATE LINK]]]

Even if you just test us out for 1 month, you are going to see some
huge value here (in my humble opinion). In your first month alone
you will get access to 17 Self Help PLR products:

— The 5 current releases from the past month
— The 5 upcoming releases coming up this month
— 7 bonus products (some of which are our biggest bundles ever)

Take some time to learn about the details of this program and then
be sure to send us any questions you may have. We’d love to earn
your business if you let us 🙂

You’ll see a variety of options for contacting us…
— Email
— Skype
— Live Chat
— Direct phone
— Help Desk

If you are unsure about anything, ask us. We can help you decide
whether or not this program is a good fit for you and your business!

This could be one of the best investments you make in your business
for 2016. Don’t delay though. This coupon code automatically expires
end of day January 4th.


Thank You,
Justin Popovic and Ted Payne
Tools For Motivation – Contact Us Here


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